no one is me, that's my superpower 

Personal stuff....

I am pro vaccination, and grateful for science. If that throws you, we might not be a great fit.

I am an optimist, a coffee lover and an unashamed hugger.

I know family isn't scripted, children are wild and authentic at heart, raw and wonderful. 

I believe our stories are our connection, that our journeys shape us, that at our core we are all far more alike than we are different.

Nature is my therapy. I do camping, sunrises, hikes, Sunday drives, half marathon trail runs, big conversations, and lazy nights in front of a campfire.

Professional stuff....

After graduating with a Diploma of Illustrative Photography at P.S.C. I've been actively working in photography for over 20 years.

I have experienced the grit of newspapers, photojournalism, film and darkrooms and the transition to digital and computers; running my own business, and building my own brand and style.

I achieved Master of Photography with AIPP, served as Victorian AIPP Council President 2019 - 2021 and was AIPP Advocacy Committee Chair up until the recent AIPP closure. 

I have received National and International awards for my portrait, family and landscape photography, shortlisted, semi finalist and category finalist.

I get a huge buzz as a Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Presenter, teaching boundaries and survivability in creative business.