no one is me, that's my superpower 

Personal stuff....

I am an optimist, a coffee lover and an unashamed hugger who has been known to randomly break into dance when the mood strikes. (my kids are embarrassed by this, which brings me immense joy.) 

I know family isn't scripted, children are wild and authentic at heart, raw and wonderful. I believe our stories are our connection, that our journeys shape us, that as women, as mothers, as families, at our core, we are all much more alike than we are different.

Nature is my therapy, it energises me. I do camping, sunrises, hikes, Sunday drives, half marathon trail runs, big conversations, and lazy nights in front of a campfire.

Professional stuff....

After graduating with a Diploma of Illustrative Photography at P.S.C. I've been actively working in photography for over 20 years, including news rooms for over a decade, and running my own business. 

I have experienced the grit of film and darkrooms, and the instant nature of digital and computers.

I am a Master of Photography with AIPP, and served as Victorian AIPP Council President 2019 - 2021 and recently, became the inaugural AIPP Advocacy Committee Chair. 

I have received National and International awards for my portrait, family and landscape photography, shortlisted, semi finalist and category finalist.

I get a huge buzz as a Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Presenter teaching the art of setting boundaries in business and creating effortless marketing by simply being yourself.

I am also proud to be an Accredited Mental Health First Aider with MHFA and supporter of the Yes Walk, a walk for mental wellbeing.