"Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I need to listen to my life telling me who I am." Parker Palmer


Find your exhale

Do you feel like you're in a constant state of inhale? Holding your breath? Is there tension in your shoulders? 

Does life in all it's busy-ness feel fuzzy, blurry, overwhelming? 

Do you feel like you can't find your footing?

Do you feel pulled in all directions, have all the balls in the air, completely un-grounded, discombobulated?

* Close your eyes for a moment, take a breath. -  Inhale - and - Exhale. - What do you notice? What is your body is telling you? *

Hands On - Hearts In is an immersive small group weekend experience for s-l-o-w-i-n-g down, listening to your heart, setting intention and getting hands on, creative.

You don't have to consider yourself "artistic", but I guarantee you will discover your creative energy.

Think of Hands On Hearts In  as a nature retreat, with a side of self exploration, solitude, and connection. 

This is not a passive experience, it will require being HANDS ON, with your HEARTS IN, a time to switch off from the noise, to truly listen to yourself. 

It is a time of reconnection to self and understanding how that translates to the energy you output.

You will find your exhale, your beautiful, audible, exhale.

Yoga. Meditation. Nature Walks. Writing. Drawing. Collage. Intention Setting. Sitting. Movement. Meals. Hugs. Transformation. Connection. Accountability.

Being truly present.


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The First Hands On Hearts In Experience is happening mid 2023.

At Wilsons Promontory, South Gippsland, Victoria.



What IS 'Hands On - Hearts In'?

Hands On - Hearts In is a weekend fully immersive experience, including meditation, yoga, sunrises, journaling, creating 'things' that make your heart sing.
It is  a journey to finding, or reconnecting to self, putting yourself first and discovering your innate creative energy.
It is making time, walking and sitting and moving within nature, it is adding to your tool kit of inspiration and building a space for proactivity instead of reactivity.

Who is 'Hands On - Hearts In' for?

Hands On - Hearts In is built and facilitated as a 'feminine energy' event.
It is for anyone who wants to take time to invest in themselves, put themselves first, and explore their creative energy.
Knitter, painter, mother, singer, poet, sculptor, business owner, photographer, writer, dancer, athlete, musician, potter, jeweller... there are no boxes to fit into.

Do I need to be "arty" to gain value from the weekend?

Not at all. Creativity comes in many shapes.
You may not consider yourself an artist, but you will find you have a creative energy and discover how that manifests.

What is the duration of 'Hands On - Hearts In'?

Hands On - Hearts In is held over a weekend, from Friday evening until Sunday midday.

What is included?

Accomodation, Workbook, Breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday), Lunch and Dinner (Saturday), Hugs, Accountability follow up.

How big is the small group experience?

Due to the nature of Hands On - Hearts In , the group is capped at no more than 5 attendees. The experience is dependant on nurturing a warm, inviting and safe space.

Where is 'Hands On - Hearts In' held?

Hands On - Hearts In is held in a rural setting, exact venues will be advised with each experience, but will be in close proximity to National Parks to compliment the nature immersion.

Is it a relaxing retreat experience?

It isn't relaxing in so much as it is re-energising.
Hands On - Hearts In is peaceful and calming, with equal parts 'workshop'.
This is not a weekend experience of sleeping in and drinking coffee or tea until it's time to crack open a wine.
It is a weekend of meditation, and quiet; a time of creation and reflection. It is showing up for yourself with no apologies, and being present.

Yes, there will be downtime, but it will be with purpose and intention.

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely. Need to arrange a payment plan, send me an email and we can put it all together.


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